30×20 Temporary Meeting Tent With Walls

People are no stranger to press conferences today. Usually, companies communicate important information to the public is to holding a press conference. Therefore, companies will have more stringent requirements for large tents for Business meetings, and corporate meetings. For example, stability, privacy, design professionalism, full functionality, and so on, it is better to have a controllable cost.

This temporary meeting tent size is 20x30m, with a sidewall height of 6m and 650 square meters total area. We finished building the tent in just 2 days, including the platform, tarp, stage, and equipment entry. It used rigid panels as sidewalls to block crosswinds and noise. The tent roof used a white fabric mantle to cover the exposed aluminum alloy as well as to match the interior design.

The large tent does not have various functions, but it can be customized according to customer needs. For example, special spotlights for meetings, external sound, white tables, chairs, etc. Quickly setting up this kind of tent in the conference venue, greatly save time cost and labor cost. The rental method is more cost-effective. Contact the tent factory for recycling afterward, neither destroying the ground nor affecting the secondary sales of the tent.

These temporary tents are not difficult to set up and install. What is difficult is to design the interior into a variety of performance halls suitable for corporate meetings, press conferences, or even corporate celebrations. The classic decoration is to place a sufficient number of tables and chairs and a large curtain wall in the conference hall, as well as adequate types of lighting.

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