Luxury Wedding Party Marquee with Glass Walls and Glass Doors

Luxury Wedding Marquee for Wedding,  Wedding Tents for Sale

1, The clear span of the Wedding tent is 15m. The length of the Wedding Tent could be 20m, 25m, 30m, and +5m more.

2. Application of Wedding Tent:

Those tents can be widely used as  exhibition tents, security checking spots, park shades, landscape decorations, wedding tents, party tents, booth tents, vendor tents,   conferences marquees, celebration marquees, cafe shops, restaurants, hotels, catering marquees, product promotion tent, vending tent, sales tent, Olympic security check tent, Olympic Games tent, sports, church marquee tent, corporate events , or other events, etc

3, Frame uses hard-pressed extruded aluminum 6061 /T6(13HW).

4, The fabric is double PVC-coated polyester textile. It is high quality at waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, and UV resistant.

5, The maximum allowed wind speed is 100KM/h. The security and variability of our products have reached the standard of similar products abroad

6, The optional accessories

Wooden floor, glass door, glass wall, PVC hard wall, ground anchors, sidewalls with PVC-clear windows, rain gutters, decoration ceilings, and inside the curtain.

7. Optional Fixing methods

7.1 Ground anchor(steel peg): For soft ground surfaces like earth, sand, lawn, etc.

7.2 Inflatable screw: For hard surfaces like cement, stone, or prefab concrete cubic, asphalt, etc.

7.3 Weight plate: For protective ground surfaces like marble, ceramic & tiles, asphalt, brick, etc.


8. How to visit Liri Tent (Only take 2 hours or less) 

Usually, you will fly to Guangzhou city, then:

8.1 You can take a taxi from the airport directly come to Liri Tent

8.2 You can take a bus at the airport to Gongbei station, then take a bus or taxi to Liri Tent

8.3 You can go to the Guangzhou travel bus station and take a bus directly come to Liri Tent

8.4 You can take a train from Guangzhou to Zhuhai, then take a bus or taxi to Liri Tent

8.5 If your flight to Hong Kong or Maco, you can take a ferry to come to Zhuhai, then take a bus or taxi to Liri Tent.

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