Temporary Gazebo Marquee for City Trade Shows

Why do people flock to large trade fairs? Perhaps because these events offer a chance to purchase high-quality goods at discounted prices, making attendance a source of pleasure for many. Such outdoor fairs often pop up seemingly overnight, featuring rows of poles and pop up gazebo marquees.

Uniform-style gazebo marquees are perfect for all kinds of conferences, festivals, and outdoor events. Within the venue, pop-up tents are used for small stores, and medium-sized tents are used for temporary restaurants. This fairground arrangement is both simple and economical.

We offer a wide range of gazebo marquees. They are available in different looks and sizes from 3-10 meters.

Their gazebo marquee products are efficient to install, requiring only half a day for the installation of dozens in an open space without causing damage to the ground structure. The PVC fabric material provides effective sun shading while also serving as temporary storage space.


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  1. We are looking for a suitable tent rental service for our company’s annual meeting. Please provide your quotation and relevant details.

  2. We are planning a large outdoor party and require high-quality aluminum alloy party tents for the temporary event venue. Can you provide a one-stop procurement and setup service? Is there any price discount available?

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