The Swimming Pool Added A Big Top Marquee Double The Daily Opening Hours

Swimming pool cover top tent


With the arrival of summer, most people avoid playing sports in the sun, especially for long periods of time. Therefore, many outdoor basketball courts, soccer fields, swimming pools, garages, temporary aisles, and other venues will choose different types of big top marquee or shelter canopy. Its benefits are obvious – allowing people to do as much as they want during daytime exposure.

This is a swimming pool that has been in operation for many years and the pool water has been exposed for a long time. Whether it is hot weather or a violent storm. This resulted in the pool equipment getting old too quickly and the pool water conversion rate being too high. The owner then decided to install a 25x35m big top marquee for it. The benefit is that it extends the operating hours of the pool and also effectively reduces dust and bacteria.

This big top marquee is made of aluminum and allows for quick set-up and tear-down. Aluminum is rust-resistant and very tough. The marquee is fitted with a transparent perimeter curtain that can be stretched at any time. At night, the marquee is topped with high-range LED spotlights. Just a simple awning that solves most swimming pool problems and issues.

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