Outdoor Sports Tents Transform Vacant Sites Into Sports Arenas


Summer has arrived and the weather is gradually starting to get stiflingly hot, making outdoor sports almost impossible, which poses a great challenge to sports enthusiasts. The Liri-Tent Sports Marquee Tent is the answer to this challenge, as outdoor venues are empty and indoor venues are in short supply.

Outdoor venue becomes indoor sports hall

All that is needed is an open space, whether it is green space, a vacant site, a building roof, a commercial vacant lot or land to be developed. The two outdoor basketball courts have a total area of over 1,480 square meters with basketball and badminton courts. In winter, it is a good place for sports. However, in summer it is unused for half of the time. This is due to the high temperatures of up to 35 degrees or more during the day.

On the one hand, the main frame of the marquee tents for sale is an aluminum alloy structure. The aluminum alloy frame uses encrypted oxide film, which has a good anti-corrosion function; on the other hand, the tarp uses PVC double-sided knife-scraped coated cloth with a special corrosion-resistant agent added. This makes the building less likely to rust even in rainy weather.

Liri-Tent Sports Tent can realize the light asset of stadiums and make full use of unused sites to build stadiums. Whether it is an outdoor venue for soccer, golf, basketball, tennis, etc., it can be converted into an indoor stadium.

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  1. Do you help with site planning? I have an outdoor basketball court that needs a tent set up.

  2. Finally, we hope to find a reliable supplier who can provide timely technical support and after-sales service. What are the advantages of your company in these areas?

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