Cube Structure Marquee For Trade Show


Our hot new product: the cube structure marquee. It is completely different from the traditional A-shaped tent.

The roof is made of insulating PVC fabric, which provides heat insulation, thermal insulation, and a constant temperature. It stays cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter.

The roof is flat and has a 7° roof pitch. With a canopy at the gable end of the tent, we have added space for banner advertising. It is possible to provide a platform for customers to print advertisements on the roof.

The hot-selling cube structure marquee is very stable and durable. When high winds come, the interior of the tent stays quiet. This new product is very popular at various events or parties. Examples include trade shows, wedding parties, business parties, church parties, ceremonial meetings, beer festivals, etc.

If you want a new design for your event, the Cube structure marquee is a perfect choice!


double decker tent accessary

2 thoughts on “Cube Structure Marquee For Trade Show

  1. We need a large tent suitable for our outdoor party. Please provide your quotation and related service details.

  2. Hello, we are interested in purchasing some banquet and party tents for commercial events. Do you offer customization services? Can you design them according to our specific needs?

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