Furniture of Tent

Tent furniture is one of the essential accessories for tents. A reasonable mix of furniture can make the tent look more distinctive. Depending on the color and shape, they are suitable for different events, such as weddings, festivals, exhibitions, banquets, parties, etc. The decorative style can be divided into classical, post-modern, European, American, rustic, country, and Mediterranean style furniture.

As the focal decoration inside the tent, the furniture is not only a functional product but also an ornamental art. According to the material of the furniture, we can divide it into solid wood and artificial board, metal, glass, rattan, upholstery, plastic, etc. We usually provide such basic furniture as round tables and wooden chairs.

For theme-based events, premium banquets, luxury weddings, etc., the caterer will customize the furniture to better match the atmosphere. For example, color-coordinated fabrics, vase crafts, colorful cloth tops, etc.

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