Large Integrated Exhibition And Event Tent

Precision Management Of Large Event Sites

Whether it is a large car show event, a seaside exhibition, a lawn show, or a business annual meeting, having a concrete temporary space will make your event run more smoothly. The art of building on site is no longer about cold concrete and bricks, but a close blend of emotion, art, and concrete. When mobile architecture meets natural landscapes and commercial events, how do you blend them into a perfect temporary space?

We have recently supplied small tents and 15*25m white party tents for large outdoor events in Thailand. Attention to design means placing distinctive architecture in the center of the venue. This time we placed the transparent white tents all in the center. It is expected to attract 1000 people to the event.

On-Site Details Determine Event Success

Leaving aside the time taken to produce the raw materials, the installation of all the temporary tents took only three days. Even on grass, the entire installation time was only three days. As a result, the interior of the tent has a flat floor, which makes it more effective to use.

You must have spotted it. The main tent is at the center of the main music party on the day and attracts all the crowds. Comfortable grass and coconut trees in the sun, outside this setting is the shoreline filled with yachts. Such a soothing setting with beautiful views from morning into the evening. The crowds at the fair continue well into the evening.

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