Liri Tent Wholesale Small Pagoda Tents For Events

Small pagoda tent, also known as mini pagoda tent. Perfect for small booths, small exhibition halls, rest kiosks, small security booths, etc. With its sturdy frame and quick installation, it is popular for use on many occasions. Lili wholesale mini pagoda event tent, distribution of hard floor, cloth enclosing curtain, and other practical accessories. Whether used alone or in combination, it can be used smoothly in different exhibitions, sports events, and city booths.

Small pagoda event tents are available in various sizes of 3×3m, 4×4m, 5×5m, 6×6m, 8×8m, 10×10m, and offer great discounts for bulk purchase. Lili offers reliable tent solutions for celebrations / catering / car shade / outdoor events, etc. Please contact me if you need me.

The Mini Pagoda Tent is compatible with a full range of accessories to increase functionality, such as clear PVC window sidewalls, ground anchors, weight plates, lining and curtains, glass walls, ABS walls, sandwich walls, glass doors, sliding doors, rolling doors, transparent roof covers and sidewalls, flooring systems and rain gutter systems.

Unique and stylish, this pagoda tent is often seen at smaller events. The wholesale prices we offer are special prices from the source factory, please contact us.

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