Marquee Hire Questions and Answers


If you have been tasked with organizing an event you may be wondering, where to start? This article addresses some of the most frequently asked questions regarding marquee hire and provides advice for organizing marquee hires in the UK.

How do I get started?

Some marquee hires companies have established business links with companies that provide related services. Assuming they provide a competitive price, this can be an excellent way of relieving the stress of event organization.

What types of marquees are available?

Clear-span marquees have no exterior mooring lines or a central pole. This allows you to make effective use of all available space inside and outside of the marquee. These serve as excellent reception or catering areas for larger events or the main marquee for smaller events where the terrain is uneven.

What if there is no electrical supply?

If you are unable to get an electrical supply to the marquee at your venue you will need a generator.

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