Clear Span Aluminum Big Tent for Universiade by Leading Tent Manufacturer

50x45m exhibiton tent

Product Description

Clear Span Aluminum Big Tent for Universiade by leading manufacturer

Product Description:

Our Big Clear Span Aluminum Tent has been widely used for Sports and Exhibitions. We have provided many kinds of international sports games and exhibition with our high quality big clear span marquee tent. Our tents have been widely used in Asian Games, and Shenzhen Universiade which enjoyed a great reputation both at home and abroad. This tent was specially used for the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade.


Widely used for party, outdoor exhibitions, outdoor weddings, trade fairs, celebrations, sports events, military solutions, temporary warehouses, and workshops.

Specification for Clear Span Aluminum Big Tent for Universiade series (BT):

For details, pls refer to the below chart:

1. Main profile size for the TH series: 204X120X4mm
2. Clear-span: 20m
3. Wind load: 100KM/h
4. Minimum tent length: In order to reach the designed wind load and make sure the tent is safe, pls set up the tent with the required minimum tent length.

Material of Clear Span Aluminum Big Tent for Universiade series (BT):

1. Frame: Hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061 /T6(13HW)
2. Fabric: High quality double PVC-coated polyester textile, 100% waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc.

Optional accessories of Clear Span Aluminum Big Tent for Universiade series (BT):

Wooden floor, glass door, glass wall, PVC hard wall, ground anchors, sidewalls with PVC-clear windows, rain gutters, decoration ceilings, and inside the curtain.

Optional Fixing Methods of Clear Span Aluminum Big Tent for Universiade series (BT):

1. Ground anchor (steel peg): For soft ground surface like earth, sand, lawn, etc.
2. Inflatable screw: For hard surface like cement, stone, or prefab concrete cubic, etc.
3. Weight plate: For protective ground surface like marble, ceramic & tiles, asphalt, brick, etc.

Color available: White, red, yellow, blue, green, black, gray, transparent, etc.

Product Certificate:

1. Fabric: Test reports for the fire retardant, standards: NFPA701, CFM & din 4102B1/M2
2. Structure safety: Certificates by the registered engineers in the U. S. A & Australia.

If the customers need above certificates copy, pls feel free to contact with Liri Tent Technology. We will not show them on the website to avoid copies.


1. Guaranteeing quality but reducing cost by 17 years’ experience.
2. Focusing on global PVC tents market and requirements.
3. Innovating hardware design for more trendy and convenient.
4. In order to improve efficiency, suppliers of raw material are neighboring.
5.100% inspection before exporting and 100% after-sales service following.
6. On going creation and innovation can go beyond.

Model Clear Span Length Bay Distance Eave Height Ridge Height
 BT10  10m  unlimited  5m  4m  5.6m
 BT12  12m  unlimited  5m  4m  6.1m
 BT15  15m  unlimited  5m  4m  6.4m
 BT20  20m  unlimited  5m  4m  7.2m
 BT21  21m  unlimited  5m  4m  7.4m
 BT25  25m  unlimited  5m  4m  8m

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