Outdoor Wedding Party Aluminum and PVC Fabric High Peak Tent Manufacturers for Sale

50x45m展览篷房exhibiton tent (9)

Product Description

Outdoor wedding party aluminum and PVC fabric high peak tent manufacturers for sale

1.Product Description of high peak tent manufacturers :
The high peak tent manufacturers can be widely used as the weddings, parties, exhibition, conferences, festivals celebrations, cafe shop, restaurants, corporate events, or other events, etc

2.high peak tent manufacturersCertificates

1) Germany TUV Certificate, SGS, ISO9001: 2008
2) Qualification from Australia
3) Qualification from USA
4) Advanced design and Quality proved
5) Fabric: Test reports for the fire retardant, standards: NFPA701, CFM & DIN4102 B1/M2
6) Structure safety: Certificates by the registered engineers in the U. S. A & Australia.

If the customers need above certificates copy, pls feel free to contact with Liri Tent Technology. We will not show them on the website to avoid copys.

3. high peak tent manufacturers Reputation:

1) The first tent manufacturer established in 1997 in China.

2) The largest tent manufacturer in China which covers 30, 000sqm and including 20, 000sqm building area.

3) The most reliable tent supplier. Exported to over 80 countries, and maintaining excellent reputation,

4) The NO. 1 tent exporter for four years in China.

5) Engieer’s Company, the owner of Liri Tent is more concern quality and safety than you.

4. Why choose our high peak tent manufacturers:

1)17 years experiences.
2) Keep 4 years No. 1 tent exporter.
3)The first and largest tent manufacturer in China.
4)Exported to over 97 countries and remaining excellent reputation.
5)The owner of liri tent who is the founder of China aluminum tent, an engineer who will pay more attention to the safety.

5.To know more about the specification of our high peak tent manufacturers, pls check the below chart:

                                                                                              Big high peak tent manufacturers Series
Model No. Width (m) Length(m) Eave height (m) Ridge height (m) Bay distance (m) Roof pitch Longest parts (m)         Max. wind load
BT10m/400 10 10m +5m more 3.88 5.53 5 18° 5.97


BT12m/400 12 10m +5m more 3.88 5.83 5 18° 6.5
BT15m/400 15 10m +5m more 3.88 6.3 5 18° 8.1
BT18m/400 18 10m +5m more 3.88 6.6 5 18° 10.07
BT20m/400 20 10m +5m more 3.88 7.1 5 18° 10.07
BT21m/400 21 10m +5m more 3.88 7.25 5 18° 11.24
BT25m/400 25 10m +5m more 3.88 7.88 5 18° 10.7
General Package:1.Aluminum Frame–membrane film 2.Hardware–solid carton box 3. Tent cover–PVC carry bag.
Note: The longest parts determine the kinds of containers you use to transport the cargo.
20 feet container: Inner size: 5.69×2.13×2.18m;  Usable Volume: 24-26CBM;  Allowed Weight: 17.5 ton
40 feet container: Inner size: 11.8×2.13×2.18m;  Usable Volume: 54CBM;  Allowed Weight: 22 ton
40 feet high cube container: Inner size: 11.8×2.13×2.72m;  Usable Volume: 68CBM;  Allowed Weight: 22 ton

6.Professional Packing for high peak tent manufacturers Transportation

1. Aluminum frame packed in membrane film
2. Hardware packed in solid carton box
3. PVC covers are packed in professional PVC carry bag
4. Customized package (will be extra charged)

7.Experienced Shipping Service for Exporting for the high peak tent manufacturers

1.       We can check the shipping price for you, and recommend shipping agents to you.
2.       You could always arrange the shipping by your own agents.
3.       We usually use Zhuhai port as our export port, but if you want to use other sea ports, we can also arrange it for you (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. we can negotiate on the details of cost and operation)

8.Liri Tent series

Tent Roof Type Span Width Bay Distance Eave Height
“A” Shape 3m~60m 3m/5m 2.6m/3m/3.3m/3.88m/4.2m/5m/5.2m
Domelike 3m~40m 3m/5m 2.6m/3m/3.23m/3.88m/3.92m
High Peak 3m~10m 3m/4m/5m/6m/8m/10m 2.5m/2.6m
Curve Shape 15m~40m 5m 3.87m/3.89m
Polygon 10m~60m 5m 4m
Cube Structure 10m~30m 5m 5m

9. After sales service of high peak tent manufacturers
Your convenience is our main conern

1. We can help you to book hotel and tickets to make your visiting to us more convenient.

2. Car service, if you want to visit us and are near Zhuhai city, we can send a car to pick you up so you can come to visit Liri Tent easily.

3. After sale service is always available, we maintain very good reputation all over the world, and we offer after sale service to our clients, like installation instructions, replacement of flaw parts, upgrade of tents, renew tent parts, tent warehousing guidance, etc .

4. We can also provide furniture, lighting and specialized AC system to you.

10.Optional accessories for the high peak tent manufacturers
a) PVC window sidewalls

b) Transparent PVC

c) Wooden floor

d) Sandwich walling

e) ABS Walling

f) Glass Walling, glass door

g)  Decoration lining and Curtain

h) Glass door units

i) PVC fabric rolling door

j) Ramp

k) Ground anchor and Anchor puller

l) Weight plate

m) Rain gutter

n) Rack for transportation

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