Make Each Tent Interesting | Types Of Commercial Marquees

Different Kinds Of Carnival Commercial Marquees

Every year, city neighborhoods hold large commercial events such as carnivals, pedestrian zones, and trade shows. Outdoor carnivals usually used commercial tents to solve the problem of temporary space. Besides the price, Liri-Tent will give the planning and solution for the commercial event marquees. With 25 years of experience in manufacturing large commercial tents, we can make your event unique.

No landscape is the same. Dozens of tents, large and small, were installed in the carnival area. 3 to 8 meters pagoda tents, A-top tents with a span of 20 meters, semi-open transparent-top tents, polygonal tents, and 20-meter awnings. They correspond to the functional areas of the entrance, equipment area, small stores, food area, rest area, and play area. Both we and the organizers have experience event planning experience.

The point is that we still discussed the topic of “making each tent interesting” with the organizers. Printed tarps with logos and slogans for large tents. Hanging more posters inside the tents. Customized decorative hoardings for the pagoda tent. Add top billboards and string lights for clear tents. Even create a 25-meter advertising wall for the fine dining tent. Make visitors feel that visiting Carnival is a fun thing to do.

A 7-day carnival, from morning to night.

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  1. If there is a significant discount for the event it will better boost the number of people entering.

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