Translucent PVC Sports Marquee Tent For Mini Soccer Game


In the choice of stadiums and sports tents to host events, stadiums are not necessarily more advantageous. In the past, people needed a long waiting period to book a sporting event, as short as a month or as long as six months or more. This is obviously not in line with the fast-paced sports event activities. Therefore, small events, medium events, and large events now tend to be held in sports marquee tents.

Sports marquee tents use frames and modular technology. They have the advantages of unlimited size, fast erection, high space utilization, and controllable cost. Liri sports tents can pick any shape and form, A-top, arch, round, polygon, etc. The clear span is from 10m to 60m, the spacing is 5m, and the length can be increased or decreased by 5m without limitation. no additional cost is incurred for renting or purchasing.

Considering the light, ventilation, climate, durability, and other aspects of the sports tent, we use a combination of green and white translucent PVC fabric colors for the top of the tent. Material, using high-quality aluminum raw materials, safe and stable, easy to transport, and easy to disassemble. Multiple offices, bathrooms, locker rooms, and other forms of space structures can be built inside the tent. Liri-tents provide a range of temporary and permanent modular building solutions for many customers. Whether it’s a basketball court cover, tennis court, or swimming pool.

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