Industrial Warehouse Frame Tents For Logistics And Transport Companies

Industrial Warehouse Tents


Rapid Installation Of Industrial Warehouse Tents

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, logistics companies are faced with the need to speed up the handling of large volumes of goods and redundant storage. Marquee-Tent develops and designs frame tents in different sizes to meet all the needs of the logistics industry.

Our industrial warehouses/storage tents can exist as temporary or semi-permanent warehouses. Even once built, they can still be easily dismantled and moved. The functionality and practicality of the tent can be greatly enhanced by the choice of different accessories and equipment. The industrial tents are covered with plywood insulation on both sides. Roll-up doors can be installed in either direction to provide access for lorries. The installation of a large range of industrial ceiling fans can relieve the stuffy interior.

Flexible Aluminum Frame Tent

A-top tents are the most used. Other roof shapes, such as curved, TFS curved, round, inflatable roofs, etc. They vary in their ability to withstand wind, rain, shock, and corrosion. The only constant is that they all use a pillar frame made of aluminum. The theoretical life expectancy is up to 20 years. In most cases, it is the canopy that can be replaced.

Our industrial warehouse tents are very flexible not only in terms of size, material, and style but also in terms of functionality. Clearspan tents can also be used as temporary site offices, and temporary showrooms and provide a fully functional temporary space for construction sites, wastelands and wilderness areas. Many projects progress with different schedules requiring expansion or reduction in tent size, and this is also perfectly possible.

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