Temporary Warehouse Structures 65 x 170m For Storage and Work shop

Storage Tents for sale are very durable structures due to their steel sandwich panel for walls. and this tent is used as temporary or semi-permanent warehouse structures and workshop on-site offices. Due to its large inner space, the forklift and other heavy machinery can move freely inside the tent. Width spans from 30m to 50m, and length can be unlimited by adding 5m long prolongation bays to the tent.

调整大小 DSC_0453-水印

Its main structure is made up of high-tense hollow aluminum alloy and steel components, its adjustable base plate caters to various uneven ground, and roof covers are made of the double-faced PVC coating synthetic fiber, which has the best performances in breaking strength, water-proof, black-out, UV-proof, flame retardant (B1 DIN 4102/GB8642), jointed by high-frequency welding craft. Regarding windproof capability, our tent can withstand 80-100km/h wind loading, the design wind pressure is 0.56kn/sqm and wind speed is 30m/s. Walls are available in steel sandwich panels and ABS solid walls.

We also provide rolling shuttle doors and aluminum double wing/ single wing doors with related accessories in need for your safe project.

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