Mid East Arabic Church Canopy Manufacturer China Supply

Arabic Church Canopy series size is 3 * 3 m, 4 * 4 m, 5 x 5 m and 6 x6 m, edge is 2.5 meters high, with three trough of 64.5 * 64.5 * 64.5 ㎜ aluminum alloy tubes do

support.8 x 8 m and 10 x 10 m cone top account, standard edge is 2.6 meters high, with four slots of 122 x 68 x 3mm  aluminum alloy frame  main profile size, resistance

to wind speed 80 km/h the wind loading.




Arabic Church canopy are available in a variety of configuration of choose and buy, such as: glass walls, glass, wood floor, anchor nails and smallpox interior, etc.

Besides used alone, The arabic church canopy can also connect it with the sink of larger area, the formation of the unique shape, applied in outdoor activities more exciting.

调整大小 DSC_0669-水印

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